The Best Bon Iver Remixes

bon iver remixtape

Bon Iver is throwing a remix contest party with Indaba for a chance to win a guest feature on Bon Iver, Bon Iver remix stems album airing exclusively on Spotify. But let’s have our own little airing right now of some of the best remixes we could find without duplicates. Some remixes were made literally yesterday while others are years old.

Put on your headphones and fall into a deep trance. As always, tell me your favorite, which ones we missed, and feel free to shameless promote your trash gold in the comments or at Facebook since you’ll be there anyway.

Bon Iver – Holocene (NiT GriT Remix)
Bon Iver – Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix)
Bon Iver – Calgary (Speakerbot Remix)
Bon Iver – Eyes Too Sore For Sight (Wash.) (Leann Grimes Remix)
Bon Iver – Perth (Hannes Fischer Remix)
Bon Iver – Towers (Ducki Remix)
Bon Iver – Hinnom, TX (MICMAC REMIX)
Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Moritz Guhling’s Gefühls Remix)
Bon Iver – Michicant (Bija Remix)
Bon Iver – Lisbon, OH/MN, WI (Big Cats Remix)
Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir (Dfalt remix)
Bon Iver – Babys (Moths Remix)