Adele’s “21” About To Pass Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” For Most Sold Record

I figured I would take some time out of my busy schedule to talk about an underappreciated artist. This woman is now #8 in the most sold record of all time in the UK moving past Michael Jackson and Queen and has her eyes set on #7, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. This person is Adele.

I know what you’re thinking, “But she’s won eight Grammy’s!” She should have won them all, and one day she will. What an amazing, unique, talented, inspiring musician! I can’t stress any of those adjectives enough. Her troubles with heartbreak don’t only fascinate and intrigue me, but she does it in such a unique way! Whining about it for a seemingly endless amount of time. I didn’t break up with my girlfriend to listen to some other girl bitch about love on the radio everytime I get in the car.

Adele single handedly gives inspiration to anyone who is overweight or misunderstood in the music industry. Her message back to these people is her mantle with 47 (that’s right 47) trophies on it. With this bullshit winning as many awards as it is, do you ever really wonder why people say they don’t like mainstream/pop music?

Rolling in The Deep has nearly 250,000,000 views, which is about 50,000,000 away from the equivilent of EVERYBODY in America having watched this nonsense. Have you watched the video? It’s shot in an old crackhouse with a bunch of garbage around her, there’s some person dancing around in a room of white powder, and for some reason occasionally it goes to the drummer not playing anything even though there are obviously drums in the background. What are we doing?

Why is this “woman” so popular? She’s not hot. She’s not skinny. Her music sucks. Where is the appeal that it could outsell one of the greatest albums of all time? Is this what you want your grandchildren to look back on the charts and see? Because when they do, they’ll see Jabba The Hut crying on a record for 10 tracks before they even know who Michael Jackson is. Is this the voice of our generation?:

I never would have hitchhiked to Birmingham
If it hadn’t been for love
I never would have caught the train to Louisiana
If it hadn’t been for love
Never would have run through the blinding rain
Without one dollar to my name
If it hadn’t been, if it hadn’t been for love

It’s groundbreaking, I know, but if you look really hard, you’ll notice that almost half the lyrics are “If it hadn’t been for love.”

I bet if you played Adele’s 21 while The Wizard of Oz is on, instead of having an awesome sync up of music and video you’d just be listening to a bunch of whining while a girl wonders around a forest and befriends retarded animals and inanimate objects.