Andre 3000 Will Play Jimi Hendrix In Upcoming Biopic

André 3000 is going to play Jimi Hendrix (in a made for T.V. movie?) titled All Is By My Side, and they will start shooting in three weeks in Ireland. Which brings to question why would Jimi Hendrix hang around so many goddamn Irish people when he was born in Seattle, Washington? That might be a small problem in the story. It’ll be weird when fans are saying shit like:

“’ey! ’tis Jimi ‘endrix. chucker yer tink ‘e’ll gie me ‘is autograph? oi own al’ av ‘is albums, ‘e’s de greatest!”

Translated: Hey! It’s Jimi Hendrix. Do you think he’ll give me his autograph? I own all of his albums, he’s the greatest!

Judging by André’s stellar acting record, I’m sure he’ll nail it. With great blockbuster hits like Volcano High, Be Cool, Scary Movie 4, Battle In Seattle, The After Party: The Last Party 3, and with television appearances in highly watched shows like About A Girl, and Class of 3000, how can this go wrong?