Anyone Want To Hear 24 Blink 182 Songs Mashed Up In 1 Minute?

You’re welcome ’80s and early ’90s kid! Music and comedy provided by Chad Neidt, who you might recognize from his mashup performance of classic Disney songs. Request new mega mashes on his Facebook and Twitter, and check out the song list below.

Song List:
1. Carousel
2. M+m’s
3. Toast and Bananas
4. Wasting Time
5. Pathetic
6. Dammit
7. Apple Shampoo
8. Josie
9. What’s my Age Again?
10. Going Away to College
11. All the Small Things
12. Adam’s Song
13. The Rock Show
14. Reckless Abandon
15. Shut Up
16. Every Time I Look For You
17. Feeling This
18. I Miss You
19. GO
20. Here’s Your Letter
21. Up All Night
22. Ghost On The Dance Floor
23. Wishing Well
24. Kaleidoscope