Guy Has Actual Eargasm On A Train Listening To Kanye and Jay Z

“Niggas in Paris” is a song that will probably stand the test of time. It has created instant quotes, funny memes, and it gets the people hyped up more than anything else. An example of this is they played the song for 613.2 minutes on their recent tour. That’s 4.94 times a city, with a record 11 times in Vancouver, with LA right behind with 10. That’s either brillant or asinine.

One man who would not object to that many performances of the same song is my boy Terrane below. The dude screams “Niggas in Paris” on a train and creates some hilarious performance art. Peep the video below, share with friends, and hit up his Twitter if you want to ask him if he ordered cocaine instead of fish filet.