Video: The Lonely Island (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Adam Levine) – “YOLO”

kendrick lamar the lonely island

Middle America got their first taste of hip hop sensation Kendrick Lamar this weekend, and it was glorious. Not only did the Compton rapper perform two songs on Saturday Night Live, he also starred with Adam Levine and Danny McBride (Kenny Powers) for The Lonely Island‘s triumphant new single “YOLO”. The song poking fun at the “Swag”-spouting culture will appear on a new Lonely Island album coming sometime this year. Check the hilarious video, as well as Lamar’s live performances of “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “Poetic Justice” below.

Video: “YOLO”

Video: “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

Video: “Poetic Justice”