Los Campesionos!- Heatrash

HeatRash cover

The Los Campesinos! have constantly found brilliant ways to promote their music and media. Besides their tweeting on how the next album is going, they have also been promoting their magazine. Yes, their very own magazine! And I have to say LC! has out done themselves this time. Heatrash features special artwork and leaks to songs they are recording, as well as other fun LC! media. All the main information on the “zine” can be seen at www.loscampesinos.com. The first issue was just sent out a couple of days ago  and now the subscribers have begun to tweet about its apparent greatness.

A Flyer made by Rob

I can’t wait to get a piece of the action myself. The subscription is 25 pounds annually, which seems expensive but completely worth it for LC! fans. Their site shows some videos and music samples that promote the magizine. Here are two music samples they place within the advertisement of Heatrash, hope you enjoy:

Four Seasons
Four Seasons by Los Campesinos!

Light leaves Dark sees
Light Leaves, Dark Sees by Los Campesinos!