Slash Is A Pretentious Animal Loving Asshole

This will come as no surprise to many, but Slash from Guns and Roses is a complete asshole.
Here is a surprise though. Slash loves zoos for some bizarre reason. I don’t actually have an answer as to why he would like them, and I think it’s best if we just leave this mystery unsolved. What’s also weird is how well known and accepted this obsession with animals is. It’s not just on obscure fan sites; it’s on his wikipedia page:

He is a board trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and has long supported the Los Angeles Zoo and zoos around the world. Slash’s love of reptiles was for many years a notable aspect of his public persona—with several of his many snakes appearing with him in music videos and photo shoots

The reason he’s an asshole is because some zoo in L.A. is going to go bankrupt (because California can’t manage their money) and some stupid zoo might have to close down. Page nine, small town newspaper non-sense.

Only would such a high profile man like Slash take on such a challenge to save an L.A. zoo from shutting down forever! He’s not fundraising, he’s not having a benefit concert, and he’s not giving any money to the zoo, he just wants people to sign a petition. He posted on Twitter:

Save America’s oldest, most respected animal sanctuary from bankruptcy – force change.

Is this a fucking joke? Your overall net worth is 32,000,000 dollars and you’re not donating a cent to a zoo you care so dearly for? Just buy it and take over. Dumb Guns and Roses fans will go if you play Sweet Child of Mine on loop 24/7.

Here’s the thing Slash, I don’t give a shit if you don’t like animals. I don’t care if you hate the environment as a whole! I don’t care if you like to eat baby seals! But don’t come at me with this pretentious, bullshit, crybaby story for YEARS about how much you love animals, and the second crunch time comes, you diffuse the responsibility to the whole state of California. You’re an ass.

In 2001, doctors gave Slash a week to live (because of heart problems) caused by his many years of drug and alcohol abuse. He had to get a defibrillator, go through P.T., and stop using mind-expanding substances just to get by. I wish he wouldn’t have. Those doctors should be put down for playing God.

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