Snoop Dogg Gets Sued For Blazing In Lebanon, While TSA Lets Freddie Gibbs Keep His Weed

Personally, I’ve never been to Lebanon and I know little about it. The little I do know, I’ll list in four bullet points:

1) It’s a small country in the Middle East
2) I have no urge to visit it
3) It’s the birthplace of Beirut, a drinking game
4) They’re super cool with smoking weed

That last one is something I don’t believe at all, but apparently, Snoop Dogg believes it whole heartedly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m about as far away as you can get to criminalizing a person with marijuana, however, I would never condone smoking it in the Middle East because a lot of countries there don’t allow drinking, premarital sex, and some countries still practice stoning people to death. From the tidbits I feel like everyone knows about the Middle East, almost nobody would blatently do drugs there. In the end though, all the clues point to Snoop Dogg being a tool bag. And now some guy in Lebanon is pressing charges on Snoop Dogg for getting high in the middle of an after party. Suprising Snoop, I know.

Sources are saying that this investigation has been going on since 2009 and that Snoop is looking at paying 280,000 dollars in damages and a commitment for him to perform in two more concerts in Lebanon. Criminal charges aren’t being brought and the money would go to the person who orchestrated the concert, Roger Kalaouz, because his reputation has been destroyed single handedly by Snoop.

Let me run you through some of Snoop’s previous arrests:

2007- Held in an airport for trying to bring a police baton on an airplane
2006- Arrested at an airport for possessing a gun and marijuana
2007- Australia wouldn’t let him in the country because of his character
2006- After performing on The Tonight Show, he had marijuana and a gun
2006- He vandalized a duty-free shop with whiskey bottles

He’s just a stupid hoodlum, who apparently thinks it’s okay to be a complete horse’s ass in airports.

Way to go Snoop, you’re still an asshole. You think by the age of 40 you’d figure out how human beings should act.

While we’re on the topic of how rappers act like children in airports, Freddie Gibbs was recently transporting two huge bags of marijuana in his checked luggage, and the T.S.A. inspected his bag. Instead of going to jail like anybody else in the world, he got a total pass. He found a note in his luggage that said “C’mon Son.” Then he tweeted:

Last time I went flying I wasn’t allowed to bring some body wash in my carry-on because they thought it was a bomb or something. Apparently, drugs are OK though.

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