Stream Odd Future’s New Adult Swim Show “Loiter Squad”

Last night was the premiere of Loiter Squad, the Adult Swim show made by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, produced by some of the Jackass guys. The show deals with the gang messing with each other and the poor innocents on the street. The 11 minute pilot was filled with sketches that were comedy bulleyes and trainwreck duds.

The above clip ended the show, a skit where Tyler holds a thought bubble sign reading “I Hate Frogs” over a potentially mentally unstable woman. A giant frog then appears and demands to know why she hates him. The bewildered woman wants answers, which Tyler responds with a foreign language and wild dance moves.

Loiter Squad is obviously soundtracked by Wolf Gang, so it’s a hybrid prank show music video sketch show that I’ll probably keep on my DVR for the rest of the first season. Stream the show from Adult Swim’s website until March 29th once you enter your cable provider.