Video: Troy and Abed’s Rap From This Week’s Community Christmas Musical

I know this is a music blog but I need to spread the sad news that this Thursday episode of Community will be the last episode for the foreseeable future. I like liking things so if Community’s taken away from me, I’ll be a much angrier human being. Tune in tomorrow at 8 on NBC to check out Community’s Glee-spoofing musical episode. The video above is Troy and Abed rapping about Troy blending into Christmas activities as a Jehovah Witness. Danny Pudi’s good on the mic, maybe he’ll feature on the next Childish Gambino album. #SaveGreendale #LetThemGraduate #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

If you want to bump this in your car to laugh by yourself while onlookers stare, download the audio rip below: