Videos: DJ Paris Hilton, Pulp Fiction Remix, Shia LaBeouf’s Penis, Snoop Dogg GPS, & Car Crash Swag

I have found a multitude of videos over the past few months that I believe everyone should see and waste their time on.

Even though Lebron James cries like a little bitch and even though it would have been hilarious if he never won a national championship, he unfortunately did and now I have to deal with annoying bandwagon Heat fans not shut the fuck up about how awesome their “favorite” team is. I like being disrespectful to champions because it makes me feel better about myself.

Pulp Fiction is a great movie that not many women I have dated like. It’s amazing that women who never stop talking can dislike a movie that is centered around dialogue (except instead of hearing about somebody’s fascinating day doing office errands, I get to watch people do heroin, shoot people, give awesome speeches and misquote the Bible).

If you want to see Shia LaBeouf’s penis for whatever reason, your dream has come true with this relatively new Sigur Ros video. Also did you know Shia is an actual cannibal? Video don’t lie.

I would never buy a GPS because they’re standard on every cellphone made today. If I were going to though, I would probably buy a Tom-Tom or whatever one is in this video so Snoop Dogg’s desperation for weed money could brighten my day.

If you haven’t heard, Paris Hilton’s career has started off as a total disaster (just like every single person in the world had predicted). I don’t know if I want to live in a world where being a rich, spoiled, whore with a sex tape doesn’t qualify you to be a DJ, but if you’re strong enough to accept this truth, watch the train wreck.

This isn’t music, but it’s still one of my favorite videos of Jared Smith. If any DJ is out there and can make this into a song, please for the love of God, do it so I can write about it on this website.

And now to end this useless post by showing you a remix of one of my favorite childhood movies remixed for no real reason other than pure, mindless entertainment.

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