World’s Wildest Police Videos Returns To Television With Car Crashes, P.I.T. Maneuvers & Dubstep

May 7th, 2012 marked a great moment in human history. The return of World’s Wildest Police Videos made a debut after 10 years of no new episodes. Apparently the co-creator and producer of the show Cops (and apparently a big helper in W.W.P.V.) died back in 2003 in the most ridiculous way possible. According to Wikipedia:

“Stojanovich died on March 15, 2003 after accidentally falling off a cliff while posing for a photograph his fiance, Kim Crowell, was taking. He was 47. His body was found 29 days later by young beachgoer Kiki Contreras, who first mistook his body for a dead seal. While waiting for the park ranger to arrive, she kept at bay a dog who was trying to eat Stojanovich’s head. He is survived by his two sons, Paul Jr., “Paulie”, and Chet.”

Jesus Christ, there are literally hundreds of questions that come to mind when I read this.

Regardless, now I have something awesome to do when I get home at 2:30 in the morning when I’m wasted. Oh, and here’s kick ass remix to help pump you up:

It’d be a lot more sad and scary if there wasn’t such a kick ass hook!