Wyclef Jean: True Haitian Hero

I can’t go to any news or gossip sight without hearing about Wyclef Jean and how he allegedly stole two-thirds of his Haiti relief fund. But come one guys, it’s getting old. Haven’t we bothered his guy enough? He was in the world-renowned band The Fugees. THE FUGEES!!!!

Besides, there’s no actual evidence that he did anything. Let’s just do the logical thing and drop it. So what if he sent 1,000,000 dollars to a fake car business in Florida, and so what if 10,000,000 dollars is unaccounted for. Wyclef Jean already explained that. He left the charity last summer just a few months after the earthquake happened. His official explanation is this, “It’s a clean slate now.” Isn’t that enough for you international news outlets? The case if officially closed. What more could you possibly ask of Wyclef?

Seriously you guys, Wyclef Jean is a saint. Have you heard of all the great things he’s done for Haiti, and for some reason nowhere else?

I don’t think it’s suspicious at all that a man who supposedly cares so much about Haiti, ran for president, begged for funds for their county, started the Yéle Haiti Charity after Hurricane Ike, started programs to spread clean water around the world (most likely to Haiti), and helped raise environmental awareness in Haiti through The Timberland Company would leave after the biggest national disaster the country had ever seen one year after he was rejected as a presidential candidate, and suddenly 10,000,000 dollars can’t be accounted for.

Speaking of his failed presidential campaign, last year when he was rejected for running for president of Haiti because he couldn’t speak French or Creole, and because he hasn’t spent any real time in Haiti for the last few years of his life, he went out graciously by saying:

I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same.

Godspeed Wyclef. You’re a gentlemen and a scholar.

We look the other way for most celebrities when they break the law or when they do something just plain stupid. Kobe still plays for The Lakers and he raped someone, O.J. Simpson killed people, and R. Kelly had a video of him pissing on a 15 year old girl and NOTHING happened.

And of course I’m not serious. Wyclef Jean did all of these things on a NATIONAL level. I’m sure the money that is missing (that I’m nearly positive is directly fault) resulted in many rapes, murders, and essentially, he took a piss all over an entire country. How on Earth can we possibly take anything you say as honest when your actions are sketchy and you have zero explanation for anything?

Fuck you Wyclef. Hopefully you’ll be raped by a large Haitian man in federal prison real soon.

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