Basilica Block Party Review & Videos – Train, Cake, The Lumineers, And The Worst Gyro Ever

minn block party train cake

I’m not sure why Basilica Block Party gave me free tickets for their event. In all actuality, Cities 97 (a big mainstream radio station) let me go to their shows (with a website named Too Good For Radio) for free, and they even let me sneak booze into the event when they were relatively strict with everyone else.

On the whole, the two-day event was really successful and with three stages set up and some decent musicians, most of which got no attention, made it a fun event. Here’s a list of musicians worth talking about:

Train: Train was devastatingly terrible. I felt like 90 percent of the crowd must have never been to a concert before, because most people who would pay that much money to see Train don’t like good music anyways. The biggest problems I had with the crowd and the overall set-up on the I’mnotgoingtoactuallyadvertisethisshittyairline stage was that the crowd wouldn’t bulge when others were trying to move toward the front. The sound tent was set up front and center so much of the crowd couldn’t see the performers, and people asked me to move, but they failed to understand that it isn’t my fucking problem. Anyway simple music for simple folks, moving on…

Cake: I didn’t know the guys in Cake were still alive, let alone making music, and even doing shows. Still, despite the fact that the lead singer is almost 50 years old, they were decent. I still think it’s time to maybe stop though because not many good things happen in music past 60. Just ask Dr. Dre.

The Lumineers: Now this is the kind of band that actually has musical talent. They had a cellist on stage, a mandolin gong, guitars, bass, and a whole bunch of other shit. They were definitely musicians, and I can give them that, but fuck, they are probably the gayest most fashion-challenged group of people I have ever seen on stage. Fedoras shouldn’t be worn by everyone in a band. Maybe one if you’re in a ska band but that’s the white people limit. Not only did they love fedoras, their FANS loved them. I’ve never seen so many on so many white people in my entire life. Still, they pulled, hands down, the biggest crowd I saw all weekend.

Imagine Dragons: Jared (that asshole) told me that this is one band that I should definitely check out and I did. Surprisingly, he was right. These guys definitely have some stage presence and they play some good music.

The Avett Brothers: I stole a Gyro from Holy Land and left soon after, so I missed these guys. I heard they were good though.

Graffiti6: These guys had some real talent and nobody was around to watch them, which is a real shame. The lead guitarist was getting really weird with a girl in the front row too. If he didn’t get laid that night by that groupie then he is a failure as a musician. Word on the street is, this band picked two random words out of the dictionary for their name.

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelled: This girl and her band were on the smallest stage with the smallest crowd (by the gyro stand where I stole an outrageously priced 10 dollar gyro). Look these people up because they’re really only known up in Minneapolis and they should be better known. That girl has a voice, and it is nice and soothing. The rest of the band backed her up well too. By far, one of the best shows I saw through the whole weekend.

Well, that’s it. I have no idea why, but people keep sending me tickets to their shows, so keep that up, world. And FUCK YOU HOLY LAND! Your stupid gyros tasted like dog anyways.

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