Full Bonnaroo 2012 Sets: Radiohead, Ben Folds Five, Childish Gambino, D’Angelo, City And Colour

And we’re back after a wild week in Tennessee. Hope you missed us, we certainly missed you beautiful people! Now it’s time to play catchup from a week’s worth of new music. Let’s start with some great, full Bonnaroo performances that you might have missed. Enjoy watching Radiohead’s incredible glitch-hop headlining set, Ben Folds Five’s second live gig as an officially reunited trio, D’Angelo’s first performance in the US in 12 years thanks to ?uestlove, City and Colour’s dark folk set, and half of Childish Gambino’s strange set below. We’ll update if any more full performances come available:


Ben Folds Five:

City and Colour:**

Childish Gambino:


01:18 Bloom
07:52 15 Step
12:15 Kid A
16:59 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
22:45 Staircase
28:00 The Daily Mail
31:58 I Might Be Wrong
37:05 The Gloaming
41:15 Separator
47:40 Nude
52:26 Magpie
57:40 Identikit
1:01:40 Lotus Flower
1:06:35 There There
1:13:20 Karma Police
1:18:05 Feral
1:21:15 Idioteque
–Encore 1–
1:28:27 You and Whose Army
1:32:39 House Of Cards
1:39:01 Supercollider (1:38:38 Jack White shoutout)
1:45:14 Bodysnatchers
1:50:33 Everything In It’s Right Place (True Love Waits intro)
–Encore 2–
2:00:47 Give Up The Ghost
2:06:43 Reckoner
2:12:20 Paranoid Android

1. We Found Each Other In The Dark
2. Sleeping Sickness
3. The Death Of Me
4. The Grand Optimist
5. The Girl
6. Waiting
7. As Much As I Ever Could
8. Weightless
9. Fragile Bird
10. Sorrowing Man
11. Like A Hurricane (Neil Young cover)