“Tell The Cops To Fuck Off” – Adventure Club Gets Rowdy At Last Night’s Orlando Show

The above video taken at 2:01 AM is the final five minutes of our current favorite electronica duo and Class of 2012 Adventure Club’s first trip to Orlando last night. The lights came on at Bar One exactly at 2:00 AM, effectively cutting off the music of surprised dubstep artists Leighton and Christian, leaving the crowd with no finale.

Apparently the cops riding by thought Bar One was getting a bit too loud for a Monday night (which can stay open til 3 AM, but the morons couldn’t wait) so they demanded the music shut down, right when they guys were about to stage dive.

Thankfully someone came to the rescue and plugged in their iPhone right as the rare silent stage dive occurred. A giant speaker from the stage blared the guys’ ending remix of Brand New’s “Daisy” to a raving mosh pit in a now brightly lit room. It was certainly an entertaining end to the night.

That’s not the only performances we shot. Be sure to head to our Youtube channel to see their performance of their new hit “Youth”, as well as their even glitchier live remix of Flight Facilities “Crave You”.