Videos: M83 & Active Child Perform at The Beacham in Orlando

I’ve yet to make up my mind about old Tabu Nightclub, now The Beacham, right next door to and owned by The Social. The pros are the place is massive, the sound is always top-notch, and they were able to scan my ticket through my iPhone. I’ve never seen that before, welcome to 2011. The cons are the drinks are outrageously overpriced ($5 for a PBR) and the place smells like mold or some sort of asbestos that a future commercial will inform me is deathly toxic to me and my future offspring. I can forgive all that but I can’t get past the overbooking. The whole week the show was scheduled for 9 PM, but due to a second show later in the night, the doors was changed to 8 PM the day of. The opener and 2011 standout Active Child went on immediately at 8, to a meager crowd of probably under 100 people. They were offstage before the original doors time, so we missed the first band of the incredible 1-2 punch with M83, who we’re stellar. As you see above, they performed their standout “Midnight City”, one of the best songs this year. The M83 video is ours so big hat tip to jazzehcake for recording what we missed. Here’s Active Child performing “Way Too Fast”:

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