Watch The Weeknd’s Full Coachella Set, Download The Audio, & Check The Setlist

Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd XO is a very private dude, so it was a pleasant surprise to see his one hour set live streamed on Coachella’s Youtube last night. He emotionally belts out songs from his impressive trilogy of mixtapes from 2011. My only complaint is the first half of this set takes place in sunlight. If theres an artist more associated with the night, I havent heard it yet.

He put up the full audio download on his website so check that below along with the set list.

0:00 High For This
3:41 D.D
4:29 The Birds Pt. 1
6:44 Rolling Stone
9:12 Gone
10:53 Crew Love
13:29 The Zone
17:12 The Party
20:09 The After Party
24:56 The Knowing
31:00 Outside
35:50 The Morning
40:18 House Of Balloons
43:55 Glass Table Girls
47:27 Wicked Games