Jack Trammell – Critical Mass (Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack)

If you haven’t heard of Jack Trammell yet, think again because chances are you really have; you just didn’t know it. Jack has produced and composed music that’s been featured in many of this years blockbuster movies and games, such as Looper, Cloud Atlas, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Total Recall, Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This guy has been on a serious role lately.

His latest album “Pillars Of Creation” combines dubstep and heavy bass elements with powerful orchestral score. Mr. Trammell himself sums up the feel of the new album by saying:

With my newest album, “Pillars of Creation”, I wanted to dive deeper into my early influences. I’ve always been a fan of Sci-fi films and TV shows like Star Trek, The Matrix, Lost, 12 Monkeys, Star Wars etc. So I tried to incorporate lush atmospheres and other-worldly sound design into my hard hitting style. Songs like “Critical Mass” or “Echelon” are good examples of how I tried to create a spacey, Sci-fi soundscape, while always ascending into a larger, more action packed scenario…just like those great Scifi films do. And I really love some of the new Dubstep coming out. So the whole album has this synergistic marriage of Scifi movie sounds, and hot new Dubstep craziness. -Jack Trammell

Get a free download below of his track “Critical Mass” that was featured in the latest Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer. Also check out some of the other tracks and see if you can guess what movie it’s from.

Download: Critical Mass – Jack Trammell