PatrickReza’s Dubstep Remix Of M83’s “Midnight City” Gets Synced To A Stadium Light Show

M83’s “Midnight City” has been remixed a lot, but Patrick Reza’s smooth dubstep edit might be the best. Thank God director Jimmy Diebold heard it because he takes the song and syncs Century Link Field’s lights masterfully with the drops and glitches. The Clink is the home of the Seattle Seahawks and it makes me want to book a trip out west immediately. The mountainous landscape and skyscrapers add to the epicness. Diebold explains to Press Kitchen Blog:

I wanted to create a piece that was an architectural appreciation and provided a sense of place, but also captured the raw energy and excitement of what happens there. I knew it would be a departure from anything I’d done before

Creating the light effects in-camera—how it bounces and spills off of the stadium’s contours—requires special consideration, but it’s the only way to achieve such beautiful, natural images.

The great thing about dubstep is that a lot of its heavy bass wobble and beat has a vibration that feels very similar to the electricity surging through these huge banks of light. The music sounds like the lights feel.

Listen and download to PatrickReza’s “Midnight City”