Video: David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis

david guetta metropolis

I saw this one floating across the Twitterverse. I usually try to dig and find the new up and coming artists or the musicians that don’t get the spotlight enough. Sometimes though, the big names are big for a reason.

This is exactly the case with the new David Guetta and Nicky Romero video that just dropped for the song “Metropolis.” The song by itself is a pure EDM track, not a club joint that I think of when I hear David Guetta and his multiple genre collaboration and crossovers. Instead, the combo of Romero and Guetta produce one of the better mixes I have heard in while.

If the song wasn’t enough, the visuals directed by Mr. Brainwash, are mind blowing. The whole thing is incredible, and I definitely recommend you watch the whole thing. It matches perfectly to the industrial feel of the beat and has a subtle message of what EDM is about, expression, and good music.

For more of David Guetta and Romero check out the new issue of DJ Mag, their new DJ Top 100 has Romero debuting at #17 in the world.