MP3: The Electric Sons – “Breathing Electricity”

breathing electricity

“Breathing Electricity” is a mix of Coldplay, The Killers, and some of the better EDM prodcution I’ve heard. Listening to the song you drift between the uplifting and europhic feelings of the EDM influences, then you become motivated by the hopeful tones of the vocals. The production quality is top notch, and after hearing “Breathing Electricity,” I automatically assumed this was a well established artist.

However, after doing some research, The Electric Sons is actually a new face, actually two new faces, on the scene. Only established in 2011, and gaining popularity in 2012, Electric Sons has already put forth a unique sound that builds on the strong Indie, and EDM genres that already exist. I love that The Electric Sons is able to adapt and explore new areas of their music. Make sure to download this single in exchange for an email. A small price to pay, especially since you will want to keep an eye on this duo. Like their Facebook page and check out their EP available on Bandcamp.