Shook – “Tonight”

shook tonight

There is a great deal of attention surrounding the release of the new Daft Punk album, but that has not stopped other French house producers from delivering quality sounds of their own. Earlier this year we saw a fantastic full length debut from the duo’s 2007 opener Kavinsky, and today I stumbled on “Tonight” by newcomer Shook.

True to the French sound, “Tonight” is a mix of funky riffs and subtle key changes. The steady groove is topped off with minimal vocals enhanced by the vocoder, which is essentially a classy version of auto tune. For a moment at the beginning the track sounds like a remix of the Seinfeld theme, but it quickly shifts into a noteworthy single.

Like most French house producers Shook is a fictional character who was overtaken by magic. Similar to Kavinsky’s story, Shook received his power in the late ’80s after finding magic sunglasses. Although unlike other fictional characters Shook has an enemy who wants his power back. The short story is left open ended on the producer’s site. Perhaps when Shook completes his debut album the mystery will be revealed. In the meantime we can enjoy the soundtrack to the chilling story.
Along with the release of the song Shook announced that “Tonight” will be his final single until his new album drops later this year.

If you thought the 80s was just hair gel and synthesizers – you were wrong. There was also magic.

Stream: Shook – “Tonight”