Video: Pretty Lights ft Talib Kweli – “Around The Block”

pretty lights around the block

FINALLY! A leak off of Pretty Lights new “A Color Map Of The Sun” album. “Around The Block” features Talib Kweli and an array of old school analog sounds to vibrate your earpieces into phonic bliss. Derek Vincent Smith, the man behind the legend that is Pretty Lights, is a sample heavy producer who generally browses through hundreds of records searching for the right combination of sounds. This time around, he takes a different approach. Derek decided to do something entirely from scratch, first gathering instruments and artists, then composing his own music in which he would have pressed on vinyl, then turn around and sample. He also built “a giant crazy analog synth” to really seal the organic sound in. This album is truly analog and truly going to be epic. After a long two years in the making a release date of July 2nd has been announced.

In typical Pretty Lights fashion, the album will be available for free download off of his website on its release date. I hope he’s got good hosting because the traffic that day is going to be insane. If I don’t see Pretty Lights this year at some point I’ll probably self destruct into a million little pieces of disappointment.  Enjoy bitches!


Video: Pretty Lights ft Talib Kweli – “Around The Block”

Here’s a brief preview of the documentary that is to be released with the album: