MP3: FWDSLXSH & MD$ – “Got Me Saying”


New discoveries always make me happy, and today is a very happy day. While going through the vast, bountiful land of Soundcloud, I stumbled upon fwdslxsh.

The artwork for the tracks were the first things that got my attention. They were cool arty pieces,  mostly incorporating a stunning female model. After skimming through the different titles and images, I settled on listening to “Got Me Saying” (It had an interesting picture and it was pretty recently uploaded at the time). I press play, and the first 2 seconds sealed the deal… I like it, love it, adore it.

Although I found it on fwdslxsh’s page, the song is actually a collaboration with an artist named MD$. The track had a chill sound, and yet it was playful with fits of energy. They managed to find a happy medium between chill and energetic.

The song samples Omarion’s hit “O” and what I believe is a few snippets from Keyshia Cole’s “Love”.

By the way, there is a piano breakdown (I love piano) that is awesome. The song is great and I hope you guys like it as well.

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