Dubstep Time! Darude – Sandstorm Remix by Vaski

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about arena anthems.  As I mentioned, one song that gets heard a lot during sporting events is Sandstorm by Darude. It’s popularity knows no limits. It’s even been featured on Saturday Night Live.

So I found this dubstep remix by Vaski today.  It’s pretty good, seems to be well received according to Hype Machine.  I’m just not a fan of dubstep.  To me the original is more exciting, more danceable, and just has more energy.  That’s not to say Vaski’s remix isn’t good.  I appreciate the creativity and effort, and probably most people will like it a lot.  You can judge for yourself.





There is one dubstep remix that I really enjoy.  It’s too bad we didn’t start this blog before the holidays or this song would have had its own post for sure.  Those of you who frequent Hype Machine definitely know which one I’m talking about.   It’s Home Alone by 5oh!, which is a dubstep remix of the holiday classic Carol of the Bells.

Home Alone (christmas dubstep remix) FREE DOWNLOAD UP NOW (LOOK IN DESCRIPTION) by 5oh!

There is another holiday dubstep remix that did fairly well on the Hype Machine charts also called Home Alone.  This one is by Virgo, and actually is a remix of the Home Alone movie theme.  It’s very good, but not quite as good as the above song.  This is probably because Carol of the Bells is a pretty epic song to begin with, and so the remix ends up being a little better.

Virgo – Home Alone by Divanusantara [ U.G.D ]