Stream Alesso’s New Keane Remix & Check Out The Piezoelectric Dance Floor Coming To UCF

Alesso just unleashed this new remix gem on the internets and its a softer feel than most of his other stuff. English piano rock group Keane’s “Silenced By The Night” gets redone as a peaceful banger, and yes that exists. Also check out his original “Years” song that premiered last week on BBC Radio 1.

Alesso will be joined by Dev, 3lau, and KillaGraham at the UCF Greenwaves EDM Festival next Wednesday, April 11th. Undercards include rising house stars DEFEP, Bingo Balls, Kid Judah, and more. The show will be EPIC in all caps not only for the talent, but because of a revolutionary “piezo” dance floor that converts your dancing into electricity. Check out how it works:

Not only is the audience creating the energy being used in the concert, but the amount of energy that the crowd creates controls the lighting and special effects of the concert. Not only are we decreasing the overall amount of energy used by the concert, but we are creating the first interactive concert to date at UCF!

The Piezo floor sits on on a series of springs which are connected to small gears that absorbs the kinetic energy from dancing and converts it into usable electricity. For GreenWaves III, this usable electricity will be directed towards a battery. As the battery begins to fill up you will be able to see sizeable changes in the lighting and effects of the concert. When the battery fills up, expect surprises never before seen from a student run show at UCF.

Well that sounds bonkers! UCF students and Orlando residents, get there early on April 11th as the floor capacity is first come first serve and it really sucks to be sitting on the bleachers while you friends are creating electricity by dance!