Mokadem – “Pretend Ur Mine”


If you are not familiar with Mokadem, perhaps you remember her Lana Del Rey “Gods & Monsters” remix, which gained her a lot of attention. It did pretty well on Hypem, peaking at #2 remix charts, and a not-too-shabby #5 on the popular charts. With that said, her most recent song that has me by the ear is her original song, “Pretend Ur Mine“.

“Pretend Ur Mine” just has something electric about it. It feels bubbly and innocent, transporting me to happy places. What else could you ask for from fun electronic music? The song alone is great, but when it is paired with the video, it is a sensory overload (in a good way).

Glitter, lights, boas, and girls. It just screams of a night out that you may never forget, and yet the video still seems to capture an ounce of the innocence alluded to earlier.

I recommend listening to it first, then watching the video. I am so glad young artists are making quality music.