Keljet feat Avan Lava – “Together” (Oliver Nelson Remix)

oliver nelson

There are times when I don’t mind if a producer’s “sound” is somewhat similar on some of their tracks. Most musicians will have a sound, but if all of their tracks are similar, they are criticized for lack of experimentation. I personally, at times, like to know what to expect (though, not predictable, but rather that I can expect to like the music). This is the case for me when a producer’s music is consistently good. This is certainly the case for me when it comes to nu-disco boss Oliver Nelson. I don’t think I’ve heard a track of his that I didn’t enjoy.

His latest is a remix of “Together” by Keljet feat. AVAN LAVA, which has some similar sounds to one of my all-time favorites of his: Kim Cesarion’s “Undressed” (Oliver Nelson Remix). Both are amazing.

Really, though. Oliver Nelson consistently leaves me bouncing around like a school girl frolicking in a meadow. A few more gems from the Swedish producer are below. Though they may be a bit “old”, they are never going to get old. :)