absntCUE Has Created 35 Quality Songs in a Half Year, What Have You Done?


You slacker! We’re all slackers compared to the musical quality and efficiency of Lowell, Mass’ electro dubstep songmaker absntCUE. Appearing on the ‘cloud six months ago, we’ve featured him on August Best Songs of the Month and our list of favorite Ellie Goulding and Childish Gambino remixes.

His newest song is a blast from the path, a screamo core-step (?) bootleg of Underoath’s “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”.

Download any of the thirty plus songs below absntCUE calls “old”. Relatively speaking of course, as it stars Lana Del Rey, Grimes, The Weeknd, Alex Winston, Yuna, Passion Pit, Wale, and now I’m just naming people to get more Google hits. We recommend adding absntCUE on Facebook because he needs friends gives ya a new song or two pretty much every week.

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