Remixes: Amy Winehouse Tribute

You probably heard the sad but not surprising news of Amy Winehouse’s passing today by some “shoulda gone to rehab yesyesyes!” cracks on your Facebook and/or Twitter. We live in a time now where it’s just as interesting to see how humans you know and interact with on multiple social network platforms react to the latest thing, like a supposed death (Osama) or a media-made controversy (Casey Anthony). It provides equal parts humor and horror about our times and our comment on them.

Anyways I’m sure most publications already had the obit ready to go, just waiting for this day. She is yet another famous rock star dead at 27, joining the infamous 27 Club already occupied by Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and others. No word on if she was found with a white lighter, as it’s been rumored the members of the club had one in their deceased possession.

Naturally people will be inserting some Amy into their rotation over the next few months and here’s some fresh takes on a body of work that contained really only one great album, 2006’s Back to Black that took home a record five Grammies. Check the three remixes below:

DJ Motta gives a heavy drum and bass club banging vibe to “Back to Black”

Download: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black (DJ Motta Bootleg)

From DK Moddz comes a mashup of The Velvelettes “He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin” instrumental with Amy Winehouse’s vocals and parts from “Rehab”:

Download: Amy Winehouse Vs Velvelettes-Rehab-DJ Moodz Booty

AiS is a MC, producer, and rapper from Charlotte who tweeted: “was gonna take a nap, but fuck it. Paying respects the way only a musician can.” We’re glad he didn’t sleep as he uploaded a sweet, piano-based expermential beat remix of Amy’s Ella Fitzgerald cover of “Someone to Watch Over Me”.

Download: AiS – Longing (RIP Amy Winehouse)