Stream & Download 137 RAC Remixes Featuring Your Favorite Band (Probably)

Mondays usually suck, until you realize that Garfield opinion is just a state of mind and you have the power to get rid of that negative vibe. I decided to give this new age feelgoodery a chance and it’s paying off big! Just minutes ago NSFW phone pictures of Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks have leaked online. I’m a man filled to the brim with morals so I won’t be linking to these pics, but the point is positive thoughts work, man!

Another example of this awesome Monday is stumbling upon this mega playlist of almost 140 songs thanks to Remix Artist Collective or RAC, consisting of Andre Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury, and Karl Kling. We highlighted their fresh takes in the past on Death Cab For Cutie, Surfer Blood, Washed Out, and Foster The People.

Now you can spend the rest of this magical day listening to most of their impressive discography. Their new album will be out soon, but in the meantime head to their Facebook to thank them for this gift.

Here’s their newest remix of Oxford band Fixers: