Derek Pryce & Brandon Scarbrough Bring Trance to Rancho Cucamonga

rancho cucamonga trance

(editor’s note: Everyone give a warm welcome to new 2G4R writer Ryan Morgan, hailing from California. Now Too Good For Radio covers both the East and West coast! Soon… we’ll cover the world! *ominous music*)

Rancho Cucamonga, California was the last place I would have expected to find some great new trance music. This is part 59 of an at least weekly set that Derek “DJ” Pryce puts out. I ROCK U ROLL is always a treat for my listening pleasure. DJ Pryce and his co-producer, Brandon Scarbrough, have put out a ton of unfound EDM and Trance gems.

They play all over the LA Basin and towards the Inland Empire. Awesome guy that makes awesome music and makes me confident that even as Trap and Dubstep are gaining mass momentum the young artists of the EDM genre are still able to produce real EDM and Trance music. Give this one a listen and make sure to check out the whole I ROCK U ROLL series as well as his other original tracks.

Normally seen playing the same shows as DJ Pryce, Brandon Scarbrough is a Trance and EDM master. Every week he produces a new trance journey, they very in length but this one is an hour long. Try popping this in the next time you need to drive back to your parents. I promise it will be the shortest hour of your life. Get lost, download the free track and make sure to check out all the other music in the Blue Mondays series.

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