Mixtape Download: Action Bronson and Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers

action bronson the alchemist

The much anticipated Action Bronson and Alchemist album Rare Chandeliers dropped this week, shortly after the release of his visuals for the single “The Symbol”. You can view the brilliance here. Before I get into my review you must understand,  I lost a great deal of respect for Bronson when he cancelled his St. Pete show 2 hours before doors opened. It might not have been such a big deal had I not been opening that night and sold a considerable amount of tickets. That being said, the album is still pretty good. Would it have been great if I wasn’t bitter towards the guy? Possibly.

The Alchemist is on his typical weird production that could only be Alchemist, much like a Premier joint, it is instantly recognizable as a Premo joint. I feel like he samples a lot of old 70’s flicks. He’s evolved into another animal at this point, almost abandoning the Boom Bap sound everyone was looking for. Bronson delivers his typical fashion of methodical nonsense mixed with a plethora of food references. Its a very different project, which is what I like about it. You can check it out FO FREE right here. Enjoy bitches.


Stream and Download Action Bronson and Alchemist’s New Mixtape “Rare Chandeliers”