Video: Action Bronson – “Easy Rider”

Holy mother of hip hop god,

This shit right here though. This is what the fuck I am talking about. Action Bronson delivered audio visual sex today with the official video for “Easy Rider”. He links up with production genius Party Supplies for a mashup of acid-induced psych rock samples and guitar shreds.

Bronsolino finesses the track with his off-the-wall non-directional content we’ve come to love and it really ties it all together. As far as the visual aesthetics, I love it when a video tells a story. Instead of your typical douche bag with fake chains on, standing in front of some graffiti somewhere hogging all the damn camera space like some narcissistic teenage girl grasping for attention, we have a well thought out mini movie of awesome. Great work Action Bronson; “Easy Rider” is a win.

This dude is a fucking boss. If you have yet to see him live, you’re severely fucking up. The charisma is unparalleled and he is one hell of an entertainer. For now, shut the fuck up for 289 seconds and let this song penetrate you like a dirty needle.

Peace bitches,