Album Download & Review: Caskey – “The Transient Classics”

Sup ladies, gentlemen, connoisseurs, and constituents:

I am fully aware The Transient Classics has been out for over a month now. I am not late writing this review, I just had to let it fully digest before attempting to accurately review it. Contradictory to my usual listen while I write method, this was more than a quick listen “ok this is dope, post it” and be on to the next one piece of music.

Admittedly, I had my doubts if fellow Orlando native Caskey, would ever put out a dope album after his signing to YMCMB. I was convinced he wouldn’t be able to carry his charisma over from his No Complaints album, the album that put him on the map.  I anxiously awaited the release of The Transient Classics not really knowing what it would behold.

August 28th, the day finally came and I could finally cure my curiosity. Right off the bat “Too Much Information” had me jammin in the Volvo (yea… old man status) and I knew I wasn’t about to be ear fucked with mainstream propaganda for an hour and a half.

Track after track I was pleasantly surprised with Caskey’s delivery, beat selection, and content. “Skeptical” and “Bad for Ya” are my two favorite tracks content-wise. Bad for ya touches on television brainwashery while Skeptical questions organized religion and their motives. Even the mainstreamy songs are dope, With the exception of “Take it Off”, I skip that bitch every time. Im sure the sluts love it though, and I dont blame him for the record. Im sure there is pressure for “A Hit”.

I could do a track by track review and make this essay a novel but you should really go download the tape and hear it for yourselves. If you are an Orlando resident, it’s almost mandatory for you to forget about the fuckery spoonfed to you daily on the radio. Pop some local dope shit in your dash and fucking wake up. Enjoy!

Peace Bitches,