Artist Spotlight: Jon Oh aka Mr. No Condom

Jon Oh is a new face in the Hip Hop game. After his inaugural campaign “No Condom” got him some momentum, with appearances in “XXL” “HYPE” and multiple blogs, he is releasing some new tracks. Mr. Oh was kind enough to send me the two releases. I had to listen to them both a couple times to really get a feel for Jon Oh’s flow.

Hailing form South Carolina he has a delivery I haven’t really heard before, except from some artists “across the pond.” I like it, not sure if its for everyone, but his style is unique and catchy.

His new single “Dance Party” has strong verses and a beat that sounds like its from a video game. Although the hook could be smoother it is still catchy, and I have to admit I caught myself humming it hours later. I could easily see this making it onto my weekend playlist and I expect big things going forward.

The second single “I Used to Love The Bish” is a completely different vibe. The production was a little off for me. I kept feeling like the Spanish guitar was overpowering Jon OH’s vocals. It was a risk to flow over a completely non hip hop beat and I applaud him for it. The strongest part of the song is the hook, catchy, smooth, and fits nicely with the flow of his verses. Check out both of Mr. Oh’s singles and look out for his “Dance Party” visuals coming next week.

Make sure to grab a free download of each track over at our SoundCloud!

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