Awkwafina’s “NYC B*tche$” Video Has Plenty of New York Inside Jokes


Hot off the NYC circuit is Awkwafina’s new video, “NYC B*tche$”. Those of you may or may not have remembered her from her debut single “My Vag”, a lady version of Mickey Avalon’s hit single, “My Dick”.

Now the 24-year-old rapper from Queens is back with a catchier tune, featuring the same mono-toned charm Kreayshawn used to warm our hearts with “Gucci Gucci“.

“NYC B*tche$” is basically a roast on all things New York. From Barclay’s Center to Harlem, Awkwafina finds something to say about every stereotype New York has to offer. Tourists take heed! Before you book your next trip to NYC, make sure you take a long listen. This song might be more informative than any travel book you’ll ever read.

Awkwafina “NYC B*tche$” (Official Video)