Beyonce Gives Birth To Blue Ivy, Jay Z Sings About Her, & Parents Are Locked Out Of Newborn Ward

This whole Beyonce and Jay Z having a baby thing has been a weird story from start to finish. First came the announcement that Beyonce was pregnant in a highly calculated MTV event that nearly broke Twitter. Then reports came out that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy, as you can see her stomach deflate in the above pictures. Speaking of her baby bump, that’s a picture of Beyonce two days ago.

Hmm. That was taken after credible reports came out that she had given birth. Now she apparently has given birth, this time for real guys! Jay Z has stated he’s going to 1% lengths to defend this little girl, like buying bulletproof cars and buying a $20,000,000 home with a moat and cannons around it. He’s being serious because last night, reports are Blue Ivy’s arrival kept new parents from spending time with their babies in intensive care because hospital security kept the entire floor on lockdown for the night. So that’s a lesson to you expectant parents out there, try not to have your baby in the same hospital as a celebrity couple.

Jay Z wrote a song about little baby Blue Ivy Carter (B.I.C.), and it’s probably her crying voice at the end of “Glory”: