Album Stream: Caskey – “Black Sheep”


11-11-14. My mothers Birthday, and more importantly the album release date for Caskey’s new “Black Sheep” album.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was highly anticipating this release. Black Sheep is a cross between that commercial YMCMB nonsense and Caskey’s unique ability to slip in intelligent lines that dumb people can still schmoney dance to or whatever the fuck it is dumb people do these days.

Don’t get me wrong, this tape is fucking dope, it just feels like an attempt to reach a broader audience. Did he stray from his roots, or does that even matter? Don’t all trees have to grow and branch out? He mentions on The Transient Classics that “This rap shit is like a job that got no hours if you ain’t got a relevant buzz going on at the time”. That line makes a lot of sense and he’s clearly working on getting more hours. If he can continue to effectively blend that mainstream sound with his own, I think he will manage to keep everyone happy and his Audience growing. Theres definitely some radio friendly singles on here, and theres some tracks for the die hard fans that most people probably wont like. I’ve got mad respect for the kids hustle and adaptation. Birdman needs to step Caskey’s promotion budget up and put this kid on the map on a large scale.

Notable tracks for me include: Most of them. Enjoy Bitches.