Childish Gambino Drops Great New Song, Comments On Trayvon “Joke”, Gets Reviewed By Big Ghost

Hello again friends, you’re reading Too Good For Radio aka 24/7 Childish Gambino TMZ. Donald Glover’s rapping alter ego just uploaded a classic to his website. The rumored title “We Ain’t Them” is a brutally honest chill rap about his current life and the impact he has on others. He also went all Kanye on Twitter, releasing a string of tweets about his thoughts on Trayvon from “Eat Your Vegetables” and how his rapping sidejob isn’t a joke anyone as people take him seriously. It’s an interesting read and a revealing look into Donald’s personal life.

Also interesting is the equally hilarious Big Ghost aka The Hands of Zeus. If you head to you’ll see the above picture with a laugh out loud funny Big Ghost-written anecdote about his first listen of Gambino’s “We Ain’t Them”. Read Big Ghost’s message below the great new track. Also don’t forget to tune into the greatest night in NBC history tonight, with three new episodes of Community.