MP3s: Das Racist Remixes TV On The Radio

Das Racist became Internet famous for their juvenile fast food anthem mediating on corporate America, “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”. Dan Deacon described it as “a track that will last for ages.” The Wallpaper remix is more popular than the original, and if it’s somehow evaded you the past three years, enjoy some yuks:

[audio:|titles=Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell]

Download: Das Racist & Wallpaper – Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Since then, they have put out two critically acclaimed mixtapes and their first non-free album, Relax is out September 13th. The other day TV on the Radio released an official remix by Das Racist, who slow down the track and put a few rap verses in there. Listen to the track, and grab the download and some freebies after the jump:

[audio:|titles=Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist Remix)]

Download: TV On The Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness (Das Racist Remix)

Bonus Freebie: One of the best songs of their last mixtape, “Hahahaha JK” gets a great remix by Nite Club and The Little Star Dweller that has a better beat and feel than the original.

[audio:|titles=Hahahaha JK (Nite Club vs. The Little Star Dweller Mix) 1]

Download: Das Racist – Hahahaha JK (Nite Club vs The Little Star Dweller Mix)

And of course, our favorite crazy, Nardwaur interviewed them: