Frank Ocean & Tyler The Creator Release New Song, Target Boycotts “Channel Orange” Album

golden girl channel orange

Another big Frank Ocean news day. Pitchfork gave his “game-changing” PBR&B album Channel Orange a 9.5, which Target has just announced will not stock on their shelves. Hmm, maybe that’s got something to do with the whole “loving men” thing. Target would prefer you only sleep with the opposite sex, you sinners! Target’s official statement is banal and irrevelant:

Target has a longstanding tradition of supporting music and artistry that reflects the diverse landscape of American culture,” the statement added. “Our history of partnering with diverse artists includes recent partnerships with a variety of musicians, such as Ricky Martin, B.o.B., and Gloria Estefan.

Are you saying B.o.B. is gay, Target?

Anyways, another strange note is what Mr. Ocean’s coming out party means for the R&B game. 99.9999 percent of male R&B love songs are about tender love with the ladies. John Legend brought up a good point during a new hour long interview on my current favorite podcast, The Champs! with Neil Brennan, Moshe Kasher, and Tim and Eric’s DJ Douggpound. Legend stated that the crew he rolls with won’t listen to Frank’s music anymore while sexing a lady, because odds are he’s singing about dudes. Legend somewhat agreed, as he wasn’t sure he’d feel comfortable fucking his wife to Frank Ocean. For what it’s worth (not much), this is his wife, so I’d fuck her to Steely Dan, I wouldn’t care.

The physical release of “Channel Orange” will carry extra track “Golden Girl” featuring Tyler the Creator. Feel free to make love to this song homophobes, because the title doesn’t say golden guy, now does it? Stream it below and buy the release at Best Buy or better yet your local record store. #FuckTarget