Free MP3: Hoodie Allen – New York is Killing Me (Jaime XX remix)

Who’s ready for another comedy short? This is an old video, but I just got around to seeing it today and I bet a lot of you out there haven’t seen it yet either. Jake and Amir are two comedians making videos for College Humor, and they are immensely funny and talented. Here, Hoodie tries to teach Amir about the rapping scene. It’s a lot of jokes crammed into two minutes. Enjoy!


And if you’re new to the Hoodie Allen craze, give your ears a listen to his rapping over the Gil Scott-Heron/Jaime XX combination song “New York is Killing Me”:

NY is Killing Me (Jamie XX remix) – Hoodie Allen
NY is Killing Me (Prod. by Jamie XX) by HoodieAllen