FreEP: J. Nolan – “Distinction”

j nolan distinction

Forgive me my 2G4R peoples, it’s been a minute since my last confession. I have been quite busy with various facets of life experience and fuckery. Today though, I surface from the abyss to bring you something Stellar. (you see what I did there? probably not, anywho moving along…) I was trolling Facebook as usual when Dead End Hip Hop posted J. Nolans’ “Distinction” album. The only reason it caught my eye was its “Distinction” to the STS9’s “When the Dust Settles” album art (see previous pun). Which happens to be the same thing. I cant really say I agree with that and out of my discontent, I gave the dude a listen. It was a cheap but clever scheme, and it worked on me.

Within the first minute of the first track I was impressed and never once had to skip a song all the way through it. This dude could be J. Cole’s brother or some shit. Introspective, lyrical, and production is ON POINT. I really have no complaints about this album besides the artwork; if dude can make me a fan it shouldn’t be hard to do the same for many others as I’m a tough nut to crack. Unless of course your a… nevermind my girlfriend reads these. Enjoy Bitches!


Stream and Download: J. Nolan – “Distinction”