Hip Hop MP3: Trying To Dechipher Lyrics In Aesop Rock’s New “Zero Dark Thirty”

I don’t know why, but I like Aesop Rock’s new song, Zero Dark Thirty. The song has a good beat and is backed by Rhymesayers, so there obviously must be some talent. But I cannot understand a goddamn word anyone is saying in the entire song. On the rare occasion I think I hear something, I figure it cannot be right, since it makes no sense. Here are some of the things I think they’re saying in this song:

1:01-1:11 “Swiftly, maybe in the form of a nest egg, maybe in the form of a test of death phrase Tesla death ray, you’re a solid gold seam with something better to celebrate, powder on her face like a flatfoot on jelly day.”

1:19-1:23 “I guess it matters to me, I wish it mattered to you, with 1,000 virtues, kicked the same bucket like Chinatown turtles.”

2:25-2:36 “Daisy, three quarter pound no thank you, baby, bailed on basic training, but I spend a couple ground hog days without changing, Silhouette of God’s last cigarette, anything less would be a GOD-DAMN DICK….ROASTING RE-GOD-DAMN-DICULOUS.”

Open your fucking mouth Aesop Rock.

The worst part is since it was released so recently, there are no lyrics online to help me out. Honestly, unless Aesop Rock releases them, I don’t think anyone is ever going to truly know what they’re saying. Regardless, every blogger is jacking off over the release of this song, so it’s worth a listen. It might even be worth the free download.

On a much happier note, there is a rumor that 50 Cent was shot dead in the streets. I’m kidding, but hopefully it brought you some joy to hear that.