How to Make an Original Rap Video 101

how to make an original rap video

How to Make an Original Rap Video

1. Grab 4 homies.
2. Give them all masks.
3. Acquire firearms from a non-felon friend.
4. Cope a fresh fit, but leave the tags on so you can return it later.
5. Ask your drug dealer to make a cameo with some product.
6. Recruit at least one ratchet ass “model” to pour something on.
7. Smoke blunts and French inhale in slow motion.
8. Shake camera back and forth rapidly every take.
9. Borrow your rich friends car and drive it like you own it.
10. Pay Joe Schmo $50 to “professionally edit” your kickass footage.
11. Upload to Youtube and leave the description field blank, use zero tags, and do absolutely nothing smart to drive traffic to your incredible piece of intellectual property.
12. Fuck Bitches Get Money.

You’re welcome.