Jay-Z – “Open Letter”


In the past few weeks, Jay-Z has “illegally” vacationed in Cuba, sold his shares of the Brooklyn Nets, decided to become a sports agent, and released a new song to make sure everyone knows about it. While this is no inclination of an upcoming album from Jay, it’s grabbing attention for its subject matter and for the sheer fact that Jay-Z is involved.

The track includes a line where Jay tells President Obama to quit his job and hang out with him on a beach, which was brought up to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Carney simply replied, “It’s a song…” and denied that any conversations about the subject ever happened between Jay and President Obama. While bringing this up at a press conference seems like a ridiculous idea, if there is anyone in the world who could convince Obama to abandon his presidency wouldn’t it be Jay-Z? Listen to the track below.

Jay Z – “Open Letter”


Image from EmpireOnline.com