Kitty Pryde’s Back With A New EP & A Riff Raff Video

Last time we discussed my love for Kitty Pryde, she was a little known internet sensation who was unfairly labeled “Tumblr-wave adderall-core”. Now the rap game Taylor Swift has full on blown up and has entered the mainstream conversation with features in Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. You can stream her newest EP haha im sorry below and be sure to download it here.

Her breakout song “Okay Cupid” is included, as is a trolling rap of “Call Me Maybe”, and the anticipated Riff Raff feature “Orion’s belt. Watch as Kitty and Riff Raff give you a tour of my hometown of touristy Daytona Beach, Florida, backed by a sweet Beautiful Lou beat.

Wasn’t that awkward? As fascinating as this Kitty Pryde is, let’s talk about Soulja Boy signee Riff Raff. The guy holds the honor as being one of the first eliminated from season two of hit MTV show From G’s To Gents. Fonzworth Bentley’s (oooh fancy name!) show tried to help men on how to be successful, and Fonz eliminated Riff on the first episode for accusing him of just being in it for the money and not wanting to change at all.

I can’t tell if this guy’s shtick is for real or not, sorta like a real life rapper Lil Kevin from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. You can’t deny he’s living the good life though, with 200K fans on his Twitter and he’ll allegedly be portrayed by James Franco in the upcoming Harmony Korine directed, Selena Gomez starring Spring Breakers movie. Here’s a pic of Franco as Riff Raff, and the Disney star in a bikini, and OK I have to see this movie now.

Kitty Pride will perform a free show here in Orlando at Backbooth July 11th.